Emoji Statistics

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Emoji Statistics is a discord bot made for fun to track emoji usage and query in-depth statistics using MongoDB and discord.js. Emoji Statistics is used by more than 5,000 servers with 30+ million recorded emoji usages.


  • Automatically track custom emoji usage on your server and view at not only in-depth but also easy to understand statistics.
  • Filter by reactions and in-text emojis.
  • Filter by the emojis animation type.
  • Collect sticker statistics.
  • Filter by different time intervals (daily/weekly/monthly/…).
  • See which emojis your friends enjoy the most.
  • Let the bot show you which emojis have never been used (ghost emoji).
  • Get the most hyped messages on your server (sorted by total reactions).
  • See interesting statistics for individual emojis.
  • Utilize in-depth data management.